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Sustainable Practices

Colorwash supports sustainability by:

  • Using only non-toxic detergents and chemicals to clean your belongings. We enhance your daily journey to wellness by ensuring that no toxic chemicals can ever come into contact with your skin
  • Using only machines that aggressively filter particles that are by-products of coloring and drying. So as to reduce air pollution and carbon footprint, as well as to maintain a healthy environment for all to enjoy
  • Using only energy-saving cleaning machines
  • Using cleaning machines with replaceable parts. This means that when certain parts start to show signs of wear, we replace only those parts and not the entire machine thus reducing waste
  • Using only biodegradable bags, and we encourage partners and customers to do the same. We believe this helps to reduce the amount of non-biodegradable plastic wastes that contribute to the release of toxic gases when incinerated

Fair Employment

Besides adopting sustainability efforts, we also provide substantial assistance to senior citizens and single mothers by welcoming them into the Colorwash family as cleaning specialists. We empower them with opportunity, confidence, training and other life skills as well as the ability to share knowledge and valuable wisdom with the younger generation.