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If you’re in an industry dealing with bags and shoes, our workshops can equip you with the necessary knowledge to excel in your work – from buying and marketing to sales and customer service.

Our proven formats make for excellent team building and shared learning even if you are not in the industry but just want to empower yourself and others – friends, colleagues or family – on their journey to wellness.

Conducted by our founder, Ms Gemma Gil, each session entertains as much as educates:

Understanding Leather

Learn: How to identify different types of leather and their behaviors
Duration: 90 mins
Cost: $50/pax

Solving Bag and Shoe Care Problems

Learn: What are the common problems in bag and shoe care, and how to solve them
Duration: 90 mins
Cost: $50/pax


Learn: How to care, pack and store your leather bag
Duration: 90 mins
Cost: $50/pax

Bag and Shoe Clinic

Learn: Bring your bags and shoes and learn what’s wrong with them in this highly interactive session
Duration: 90 mins
Cost: $50/pax

All workshops are suspended until further notice.

All workshops need at least five participants. To book, please tell us a bit about yourself.

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We add syllabuses periodically, so check back often. If there’s a particular topic you’d like to learn, let us know. We do customized classes.