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Colorwash is one of the pioneering service providers in professional cleaning and care with more than a decade of experience. As a forerunner, we take pride in providing consultation and tailored solutions to address your concerns. Our trained staff will assess your item before recommending the most appropriate care.

Colorwash also spearheads innovation by investing in the development of new and better cleaning and coloring technologies to deliver uncompromised services. Examples include Colorwash Soft Cleaner and Protection Cream wipes (Singapore’s first leather wipes), as well as High-Density Transparent Coating, the industry’s first silicone-based transparent coating that now protects suede and fabric.

In addition, Colorwash is committed to shorter turnaround times, which is made possible by having in-store cleaning facilities. Visit our stores to learn more.


As a general rule of thumb, we advise coloring your item to match its original color. Should you wish to cover defects through coloring, we advise black. For example, if the original color of your bag is white, we do not advise coloring it dark pink. Dark pink cannot be used in a staining process and will require thick layers of color, making the leather stiffer and prone to damage. However, we are able to color your bag to black, as black can be used in a staining process that penetrates the leather.

As every item is unique, we suggest bringing your item to our stores for an accurate, no-obligations assessment.

This depends on the severity of the stain, how long your item has been stained and the condition of your belonging. Given that all stains react differently to different materials under different conditions, it is best to bring your belonging to a Colorwash store for our staff to better analyze it and recommend the most appropriate care.

DIY protection sprays have no guaranteed results, and may appear patchy at times. They are a temporary measure that needs to be reapplied at least once daily. In contrast, High-Density Transparent Coating consists of silicone-based agents that cover all fibers. It is applied on your item by our cleaning specialists, and it lasts about six months in most cases.

Yes. However, results may differ from non-suede items as stains penetrate suede fibers more deeply than they do other materials. We recommend you protect your suede belongings with High-Density Transparent Coating as this shields against any penetration of stains before they even happen.

We do not color suede and nubuck, as the coloring agents will bleed through their fibers.

Yes. Integrity, honesty and transparency are important to us. Please read through these terms carefully:

  • We clean every item using methods and chemicals best suited to its nature and condition
  • We cannot take responsibility for any inherent weaknesses or material defects in the belongings you bring in
  • Complete removal of stains is not guaranteed. Stains can be removed upon request and will be done at your risk with additional charges at prevailing rates
  • Please note that the original color of any item may affect its final coloring outcome. We will do our best to color it according to specifications. But we cannot guarantee that the finished item will turn out exactly as requested
  • During the process of dry cleaning, we will not assume responsibility for any color loss or damage

We reserve the right to amend these terms of service at any time.


Our cleaning service takes about seven working days during non-festive periods, depending on the size of your belonging. We do offer express cleaning service of 24 hours to three working days, at a 100% to 50% surcharge. During peak seasons, our turnaround time may vary.

Our touch-up service typically takes about four weeks. We do offer an express touch-up service of within two weeks, at a 50% surcharge. During peak seasons, or if you’re sending in multiple items, our turnaround time may vary.

Our coloring service typically takes about eight weeks. We do offer an express coloring service of within four weeks, at a 50% surcharge. During peak seasons, or if you’re sending in multiple items, our turnaround time may vary.

We will send you a voucher via registered mail to your delivery address within two working days. Simply head down to any of our stores with your voucher and identification card for verification and redemption.

Unfortunately, there will be no refund or exchange of Colorwash service bundles and non-Colorwash branded products.

While there are also no refunds for Colorwash-branded products, you can have them exchanged within seven days from the date of receipt. All return and reshipping costs will be borne by you. Should you wish to exchange your Colorwash-branded product in-store, please bring along a copy of your order confirmation. We reserve the right to reject any exchange request if the product is no longer in a resalable condition.

Unfortunately, we are unable to accept cancellation requests once transacted.

Products generally arrive within two to three working days upon successful transaction, excluding weekends and public holidays. You can track your order anytime here.

We do not provide this service at the moment.

Our shipping partner delivers on weekdays only.

Unfortunately, no. Should you need a product urgently, you can buy it at any of our stores.

Our shipping partner, SingPost, will attempt to deliver the product to you in the following order:

  • They will first deliver to the doorstep of your stated address. You or anyone who receives the package at the doorstep will be asked to sign on a delivery note to acknowledge receipt
  • If there is no one to receive the package at the doorstep, SingPost will then deliver it to your mailbox and endorse the delivery note as an indication of completion of delivery
  • In the event where the package cannot fit into your mailbox, SingPost will deposit instead a delivery advice. You may then use this delivery advice to arrange for them to re-deliver the package to the same or a different address (additional charges may apply); or to collect the package from a post office indicated or from another post office you may designate (additional charges may apply). For self-collection, you will be asked to sign the delivery note to acknowledge receipt

Sure, just make sure to indicate your office address as your shipping address during checkout.

We deliver to all areas in Singapore.

Not at the moment.

Unfortunately, no.

Sometimes, multiple products are packed separately as they may not fit into standard-sized boxes provided by our shipping partner. Hence, some items may reach you in a separate delivery. It could also be that some of your ordered products are not in stock. But rest assured, once stocks arrive, they will be delivered to you immediately at no extra cost. Please reach out to us at if you find items missing in your package with your order number and the name of the missing product. We will investigate the matter right away.

Products may be shipped at different times due to varying stock availability at the time of your purchase. If you have ordered multiple products, the products may have been packed into separate boxes, as all products may not have been able to fit into the standard-sized boxes provided by our carrier.

Yes. Please read them carefully:

  • All items must be claimed within two weeks from the collection date stated on the receipt. We will not be responsible for the condition of any unclaimed items after two weeks
  • Any item that remains unclaimed after three months from original collection date will incur a S$1/day storage fee for up to three months. Upon the 6-month anniversary of initial collection date, the unclaimed item will be donated to charity
  • All items must be inspected upon collection and any dissatisfaction should be made known to the counter staff immediately. We will not be responsible for any complaints after the item has left the store
  • Subject to the above conditions, we limit our liability to no more than ten times the regular service charge of the item, if any damages are proven to have arisen from our negligence

We reserve the right to amend these terms of transaction at any time.

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